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Here you can find information about the things I work with, details of publications, projects, my resume, and software I have written as well slides from the subjects I used to teach.

Demostrations at InnoTrans

NewsPosted by navid nourani Wed, September 28, 2016 09:15:11
As part of Siemens Mobility, we demonstrated several Advanced Driver Assistance Systems during InnoTrans 2016.

We equipped our test vehicle (A Siemens Desiro) with LIDAR, Radar and camera systems and showcased topics such as signal recognition and forward collision avoidance systems.

More info here:


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ICCV'13 Underwater Vision Workshop

NewsPosted by navid nourani Tue, December 10, 2013 02:35:04
The workshop on Underwater Vision as part of the ICCV 2013 was (in my own humble opinion ;) ) a success!! Thanks to my colleagues at the ACFR and the PC members who supported me and helped make this possible.

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Underwater Vision Workshop

NewsPosted by navid nourani Wed, October 23, 2013 05:19:09
The workshop I am co-organizing on Underwater Vision at the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) is coming along nicely. The papers are in, the reviews are done, the keynote speakers are found and the draft workshop program is ready too smiley

More about the workshop here:

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Euro Trip

NewsPosted by navid nourani Thu, May 09, 2013 21:52:21
ICRA is over, and it was great. So lovely to see and hang out with so many familiar faces.

Really enjoyed the fewer parallel track and massive poster sessions.

Btw, I'll be in Europe for a while visiting friends and colleagues so send me a line and we can potentially meet up! smiley

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In the news

NewsPosted by navid nourani Wed, January 23, 2013 06:25:35
Our survey work at the Great Barrier Reef in December 2012 was featured in the national news on ABC smiley

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Best student paper award

NewsPosted by navid nourani Tue, December 04, 2012 22:00:28
Our paper Automated species detection: An experimental approach to kelp detection from sea-floor AUV images won the best student paper award at ACRA 2012. Well done to Michael and the team smiley

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ACRA 2012

NewsPosted by navid nourani Mon, December 03, 2012 23:57:25
At the Australasian Conference in Robotics and Automation (ACRA) in Wellington. There are some really interesting talks. Looking forward to reading the papers in detail.

HOWEVER, the most exciting part thus far is that Alberto Elfes, the father of occupancy grid maps, is charing a session with occupancy grid map papers!! How cool is that?

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NewsPosted by navid nourani Thu, September 27, 2012 14:19:10
An interesting video on Robot Ethics from the Economist.

Roboethics is something I believe we should start considering much earlier in our work habit.

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