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Frequency-based Underwater Terrain Segmentation

PublicationsPosted by navid nourani Thu, June 27, 2013 11:39:01

B. Douillard∗, N. Nourani-Vatani∗, M. Johnson-Roberson, O. Pizarro, S. Williams, C. Roman, I. Vaughn

(* co-first authors)

Publication date

Aug 2013


Autonomous Robots, Volume 35, Issue 4 , pp 255-269


A method for segmenting three-dimensional data of underwater unstructured terrains is presented. The three-dimensional point clouds are converted to two-dimensional elevation maps and analyzed for seg- mentation in the frequency domain. The lower frequency components represent the slower varying undulations of the underlying ground. The cut-off frequency, below which the frequency components form the ground sur- face, is determined automatically using peak detection. The user can also specify a maximum admissible size of objects to drive the automatic detection of the cut-off frequency. The points above the estimated ground sur- face are clustered via standard proximity clustering to form object segments. The precision of the segmenta- tion is compared against ground truth hand labelled data acquired by a stereo camera pair and a struc- tured light sensor. It is also evaluated for registration error when the extracted segments are used for sub- map alignment. The proposed approach is compared to three point cloud based and two image based segmen- tation algorithms. The results show that the approach is applicable to a range of different terrains and is able to generate features useful for navigation.


Publisher's version
DIO: 10.1007/s10514-013-9353-0

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